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SRO Closures-375 Units Lost

The Downtown Eastside is turning inside out, with record numbers of hotels and low-rent buildings kicking all of their tenants out.

Recent closures include:

  • Star Beach Haven, 19 rooms at 658 Alexander Street (today evicting all tenants as precondition of sale);
  • Backpacker’s Inn, 42 rooms at 7 West Hastings at Carrall (closed today by owners as precondition of sale, power and gas shut off, same owners as Star Beach Haven);
  • 334 Carrall Street, 30 apartments (closed in February by owner Robert Wilson for renovations);
  • Marie Gomez Place, 76 apartments at 590 Alexander Street (closed in January by the province, condemned due to mold);
  • Dominion Hotel, 67 rooms at 210 Abbott Street (closed in January for renovations);
  • Columbia Hotel, 69 rooms at 303 Columbia Street (Carnegie discovered it was illegally converted to tourist accommodation in December, reported to City of Vancouver, no apparent response);
  • Phoenix Apartments 18 units at 514 Alexander Street (closed as precondition of sale in February); and,
  • Colonial Residence, 144 units at 122 Water Street (54 rooms empty since at least March 20, unknown why management is emptying the hotel).

Total lost since December 2007 (last 4 months): 375 units in 8 buildings.