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Power of Women

The Power of Women (POW) program seeks to assert the dignity of marginalized women, expand the scope of their voices and stories, and build their capacity to enact personal, collective, and social change.

Power of Women (POW) group is a social justice collective and community action group hosted at the Centre with the express aim of empowering women of the DTES to create social change in their lives and communities. POW takes a grassroots approach to political activism, educating and organizing women around issues such as homelessness, violence, poverty, and colonialism.

The group includes women from all walks of life who are on social assistance or are working poor, many of whom are single mothers, have chronic physical or mental illnesses, have drug or alcohol addictions, or are survivors of trauma, violence and abuse. Many or homeless, and most are Indigenous women, affected by a multi-generational legacy of the effects of residential schools and a history of racism. POW builds capacity through leadership training, workshops, and talking circles, facilitates public speaking and consensus building, and engages women in community action such as marches, public gatherings, and city council meetings with the goal of transforming policy and combating systemic injustice, all while prioritizing the voices and experiences of marginalized women.

Women of POW were featured in this 2010 documentary, entitled “Survival, Strength, Sisterhood: Power of Women in the Downtown Eastside”.