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Interested in fundraising to support the work of the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre? We’re currently recruiting team members for the Scotiabank Charity Challenge! Read more here.

Thank you for your interest in fundraising for the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre! Your fundraising multiplies impact, raises awareness, and is integral to supporting the ongoing work of DEWC: providing safety, dignity, and a platform for empowerment for women in the Downtown Eastside.

Just $5 covers the cost of a woman accessing the drop-in centre or shelter – including nourishing meals and safe space, basic needs like toiletries, clothing, showers and bathrooms, and all support services like advocacy, victim services, cultural programming and skills development. Every contribution goes a long way!

Please get in touch with our Fundraising Coordinator about your initiative so we can confirm its alignment with our organization and ensure that you have all the resources needed. We can also provide you with our logo, photos, and other organizational material for your promotions, upon request.

Here are some ways supporters have fundraised for DEWC in the past:

1. Host an event

Host an in-person OR online performance, class (workout, drawing, cooking class), comedy show, or other event, with ticket proceeds going towards the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre. You can also include other elements like a silent auction, raffle prizes, and/or an added donation option to maximize support.

2. Run a donation drive

Collect donations at your workplace or school, or for a special occasion such as a birthday or wedding. 

3. Support the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre through cause-marketing

If you’re a local business and want to help rally support, consider contributing a portion of (or all) proceeds for a specific program or for a special day (International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women). Our locations will often host special meals and celebrations to honour or mark these occasions.


Making your Donation

Once funds have been collected, please submit this donation online (as an individual or as a company/organization) or by cheque, payable to Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre (302 Columbia Street, Vancouver, BC, V6A 4J1).

Please list any detail about the fundraiser you hosted in the “memo” portion of your online or cheque donation. This will help us properly recognize your efforts! We are incredibly grateful for this support.


Promotion & Acknowledgement

If you are looking for logo files or images to help with your promotions, please reach out to our team!

We encourage you to tag us on social media, so we can do our best to re-post info on your upcoming event(s):

Please note: Although we deeply appreciate every single initiative that raises funds for the daily work of the Centre, we are unable to share and/or promote everyone. We thank you for your understanding!

Requesting A Representative

If you would like to request a DEWC representative to speak and/or be present at your event (virtually or in-person), please send us an email with the following information: the date, time and place of the speaking slot, the length of time provided (ex. 5 minutes), a description of the event goals and purpose, and a little bit about the expected attendee demographic. We cannot always provide a speaker as we have limited representatives, but will do our very best to attend!


Tax Receipts

In accordance with CRA regulations, third-party event proceeds, pooled donations, and cause-marketing are not eligible for charitable tax receipts. However, we are happy to provide an acknowledgement letter for initiatives supporting the Centre.