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Indigenous Women’s Projects

Indigenous Women’s Projects

The Indigenous Women’s Projects team largely focuses on Indigenous healing and cultural practice. This program works with women in the community to develop and implement cultural, recreational, social and/or Indigenous educational activities. The program provides emotional support to women surrounding residential school trauma, substance use, cultural isolation and violence.

The Power of Women (POW) program, included in these projects, unpacks various social injustice issues among Indigenous women. POW creates a space where women can voice their thoughts and feelings on generational trauma, land theft, and the missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, two-spirit, and transgender women. The Indigenous Women’s Project Coordinator works with Indigenous women and Elders who access the Women’s Centre and assist them with the guidance of the Red Women Rising Project, Calls for Justice, and the Getting to the Roots Report. This project ensures that the Indigenous women receive comprehensive and culturally responsive support from all aspects of our community.

Women of POW were featured in this 2010 documentary, entitled “Survival, Strength, Sisterhood: Power of Women in the Downtown Eastside”.

Other activities included in the program include:

  • Indigenous plant walks
  • Outings for Indigenous women
  • Indigenous women counselling, in partnership with other women’s organizations
  • Cultural and community arts projects/workshops

To learn more, please contact the Indigenous Women’s Project Coordinator by email here.