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Our advocates assist as many as 4,320 women annually.

Advocacy services are delivered to women who require assistance with the Ministry of Children and Family Development, Vancouver Aboriginal Children and Family Services Society, Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation and/or the Residential Tenancy Office. We also assist women on issues and application concerns about Canada Pension Plan benefits, Old Age Security and Income Supplements. A constant priority for women is assistance in welfare law. With the ongoing changes to the delivery of service within the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation, women are seldom accessing services face to face. This barrier causes frustration and creates additional levels of hardship on vulnerable populations already struggling with significant levels of poverty. Advocates provide appropriate referrals and assist in navigating a complex system of resources, improving accessibility in the process and giving support.

The two advocates provide tailored referrals and assist the women in navigating the complex system of resources. The advocates improve the women’s accessibility in the process and given them the support they need. The women also receive help with day school applications and crisis grant applications for BC social and welfare services.