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Chinese Seniors Outreach

Chinese Seniors Outreach 

Over 100 Chinese Seniors access our services daily. Our Chinese Seniors Outreach Program offers community building, isolation supports, translations, institution and document navigation, transportation to appointments, and advocacy. Often isolated by language barriers and mobility issues, Chinese seniors endure persistent racism. 

This program’s mission is to harmonize cultural understanding between the Chinese seniors and their surrounding environment. Gentrification has affected many women residing in the area and made access to resources more difficult as the city changes rapidly around them. Our Chinese volunteers play a large role in making our Chinese seniors feel welcomed in the community and encourage relationship building. Translation and services at the centre allow connection to the community despite language barriers and facilitate an environment of cultural understanding. 

In 2022, we will reinstate our Community Kitchen Program (halted due to the pandemic) where Chinese Seniors gather and cook traditional foods together. 

To contact our Chinese Seniors Outreach Coordinator, please email Teng Lai at chineseseniors@dewc.ca