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Cultural Programming and Elders Council

Cultural Programming incorporates the creative and transformative power of culture into Centre activities to work towards a holistically inclusive, safe, and welcoming environment for all women.

Cultural Programming at the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre works with women in the community to develop and implement cultural, recreational, social and/or educational programs that are consistent with the mission and mandate of the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre. This program provides counseling and emotional support to women around multiple issues including residential school, substance use, cultural isolation and violence, and includes arts and crafts, healing circles, visits to sweat lodges, and mentorship from Elders. Although programming largely focuses on Indigenous healing and cultural practice, activities are open to all and encourage cross-cultural connection. 

Programming is developed in consultation with the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre Elders Council, comprised of Indigenous women leaders with vast knowledge, experience, and wisdom as well as a strong voice in the community. The Elders Council plays a vital role within the structure of the Centre and provides input to many aspects of our operations and governance, as well as having a seat on our Board of Directors.

To contact the Elders Council, email cacoordinator@dewc.ca or victimservices@dewc.ca.