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HIV Community Case Management


The primary goal of the program is to support women who are affected by HIV/ AIDS. Many of this community have experienced discrimination, stigmatization and isolation and would not otherwise have access to HIV-specific resources. Working within a harm reduction model and women-centred approach, our HIV Case Manager provides information, support, and care coordination to connect women to services and resources. A harm reduction approach incorporates practical strategies aimed at reducing negative consequences associated with drugs and drug use, acknowledging the intersection of women’s backgrounds, context, and nuanced needs.

The HIV Case Manager can also advocate for women to address barriers to their:

  • Physical and mental health
  • Financial and legal issues
  • Practical needs
  • Social support
  • Nutritional health

It is our role to establish connections with other community groups to ensure the best possible information and resources are available to women in the community, particularly for women who may not already be connected to other services.