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Indigenous Women’s Project

Indigenous Women’s Project

70% of the women accessing our services are Indigenous. This program works with women to develop and implement cultural, recreational, social and/or Indigenous educational activities.

It provides emotional support to women surrounding residential school trauma, cultural isolation, racism and violence. Participants advocate for immediate and urgent responses from policymakers to improve the lives of Indigenous women.

Activities in the program include:

  • Indigenous plant walks
  • Outings for Indigenous women
  • Indigenous women counselling, in partnership with other women’s organizations
  • Cultural and community arts projects/workshops

The program also works to advocate for social justice issues within the community. Members of the program work with policy-makers to exchange knowledge about the reality of women in the community, and speak at City Council meetings. Women in the program also advocate for improvement of housing and homelessness reporting in the DTES through pushing for homelessness counts that account for gender-based experiences (such as couch surfing, unsafe shelter, domestic violence). 

Members of the program are also constantly advocating for direct implementation of the 200 recommendations in DEWC’s report, Red Women Rising.