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Victim Services

Victim Services

Victim Services offers culturally-safe, trauma-informed support to women survivors of crime and violence.

The Victim Services program provides ongoing support and assistance to survivors: reporting the crime, emotional support, accompaniment to court, hospital or any other judicial-related programs, and referrals to the appropriate places or affiliated resources. We also provide support to those who choose not to report for personal reasons or are afraid of retaliation.

Women, especially Indigenous women, deal with ongoing systemic racism, poverty, discrimination, homelessness or at risk of being homeless, mental health, addiction, and stereotyping. All of these issues exacerbate violence against women and create barriers to accessing housing, services and resources. Staff support women and girls with ongoing violence in their lives as well as participating in larger dialogues and initiatives centered on crimes against women, such as Sisterwatch, Victim Service Coordinating Committee Meetings, February 14 Memorial March Committee, Coalition for Missing and Murdered Women and the December 6th Vigil. Staff also speak at events, which brings direct knowledge and experience regarding violence against women to the public.