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The Women’s Street Fair and Flea Market

Each summer, the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre (DEWC) holds the Women’s Street Fair and Flea Market. The market is an opportunity for women to sell a variety of self-made goods, from original artwork to handmade accessories. 

DEWC created this event in response to the growing violence women experience in the  Downtown Eastside (DTES). It provides a safe space for women to pursue additional income.

In an area associated with extreme poverty, the Women’s Street Fair and Flea Market is a source of positivity that demonstrates self-expression through the form of art and passion. Many women who participate in the market have lived experience of violence, harassment, and exploitation. This market represents the resilience and strength of women who live and work in the DTES.

The Women’s Street Fair and Flea Market was put on hold for the year of 2020 due to COVID-19. We hope to move ahead with it this year with precautions in place.

For more information on the market, or to learn how to participate, please reach out to our team.

A family selling bannock at the 2018 Women’s Summer Market. Photo: Christina Coolidge / DEWC Archives