Condemning Anti-Asian Violence | Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre Statement

Mar 25, 2021

We are devastated and outraged by the unspeakable tragedy that took away the lives of 8 people in Atlanta, Georgia, 6 of whom were Asian women. As we reflect on this event, and it is highlighted in the media, we must reflect on the rising violence and hate crimes towards the Asian community in our own city. In Vancouver, anti-Asian hate crimes have increased by 717% since the pandemic took hold.

After a year of increasing violence, Asian women remain fearful of racial and sexual violence, acts inflicted upon them by aged systems that facilitate harm.

When discussing this tragedy, we must also highlight the importance of decriminalizing sex work to prevent the violence and expansive harms from the police and the community.

We are concerned for the lives and safety of Asian women in our city. More safe spaces are needed to ensure that women have a place to go and a community that supports them. Together, it is our responsibility to protect Asian women and sex workers, condemn senseless hate and violence, call out white supremacy, and make the time to actively advocate to protect women.

In solidarity, 

The Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre