Our Volunteers

Our Volunteers

Volunteers are an integral part of our team. From members of the DTES community to out-of-area volunteers, we are grateful for each of them and their contributions to making our services always better.

Stories of volunteers

Photo of Teresa
Photo by Denise Lin

Teresa, volunteer since 2004

Teresa immigrated from Hong Kong in the 1970’s and soon became connected to Vancouver’s Chinatown and Downtown Eastside communities.

Among her roles at DEWC, ⁠Teresa translates for the Chinese seniors with our peer program.⁠ Her support is valued to support women and create connections.

She also is a long-time model of the HERSTORY fashion show and we are so very grateful for her.

I like helping and relating to people. Volunteering at the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre gives me this opportunity. People are friendly, welcoming, and humble at DEWC. So, it is easy to make friends.”

Florence, volunteer since 2017

Florence first started volunteering when she became sober and working with DEWC has helped her throughout her 5 years of sobriety. She does peer support work in the clothing room, serves meals, as well offers ESL classes to other women. These classes are crucial to lots of women who attend our services and who suffer from the language barrier in their daily life.

The best part of volunteering is knowing I’ve helped someone in the simplest way; knowing they went away feeling better about themselves. Sometimes the center is the only place of refuge. Every minute/hour/day is different, all creating an emotional rollercoaster of memories!

Photo of Florence
Photo by Denise Lin
Photo of Bubbles

Bubbles, volunteer since 2006

Bubbles volunteers twice a week at the clothing room in our 302 Columbia Drop-in Centre and also lives in the Downtown Eastside. She is truly a ray of sunshine in the DEWC community.

“Helping the women out makes me happy. I’m close with most of the women here. For some of them, I put aside things in the clothing room, like I got ski pants for a lady who is in a wheelchair. I tell people, if you need clothes and food or you’re cold, come to DEWC!”