Our Team

Our Team

We are grateful to rely on over 140 employees who have our mission and the best interest of the people we serve at heart.

Introducing the Management Team:

Executive Director

Alice Kendall

Alice Kendall (she/her)

Executive Director

Alice started working at the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre in 1996 as a legal advocate. Ever since she joined the organization, she has been a tireless advocate for women’s rights and safety, in the Downtown Eastside and beyond. 


Cheryl Sutton

Cheryl Sutton (she/her)

Director of Programs

Candy Tladi

Candy Tladi (she/her)

Manager of Programs

Eliza McCullough

Eliza McCullough

Specialized Services Manager

Katrina Brouwer

Katrina Brouwer (they/she)

Housing Outreach Supervisor

Rocio Carrasco

Rocio Carrasco (she/they)

Kitchen Services Program Manager

Christina Campbell

Christina Campbell (she/her)

Kitchen Services Supervisor

Carina Chavero

Carina Chavero (she/her)

Kitchen Services Supervisor

Christine Edwards

Christine Edwards (she/her)

Kitchen Services Supervisor


Sara Nunez

Sara Nunez (she/her)

Drop-ins Manager

Karen Sampson

Karen Sampson (she/her)

25 E Hastings Drop-in Supervisor

Adriana Hernandez

Adriana Hernandez (she/her)

302 Columbia Drop-in Supervisor

Vanessa McKittrick

Vanessa McKittrick (she/her)

412 E Cordova Shelter Manager

Bonita Bordon

Bonita Bordon (she/her)

412 E Cordova Shelter Supervisor

Natasha Warren

Natasha Warren (she/her)

398 Powell and 265 E Hastings Shelters Manager

Jeniffer Castaneto

Jeniffer Castaneto (she/her)

398 Powell and 265 E Hastings Shelters Supervisor


Luciana Skopinski

Luciana Skopinski (she/her)

Finance Director

Irina Dudkina

Irina Dudkina (she/her)

Finance Manager

Richa Misra

Richa Misra (she/her)

Facilities and operations manager

Elody Croullebois

Elody Croullebois (she/her)

Fundraising and Communications Specialist

Melissa McDowell

Melissa McDowell (she/they)

Grants and Contracts Specialist

Ashling Mulkeirins

Ashling Mulkeirins (she/her)

Fundraising and Grants Specialist