Welcome to the Women’s Summer Fair!

Jun 16, 2017

This past Saturday, from Cordova to Powell on Columbia St, women gathered with their wares in the first installment of this summer’s ongoing Women’s Summer Fair. Under tents in between brightly colored strings of bunting, women from the Downtown Eastside sat in front of neatly organized tables and greeted customers and passers-by with bright smiles.

DEWC Fair Dancers

The women’s fair boasts a varied range of art and decorative pieces, and wares for sale range from hand painted canvases to trendy leather jackets, nail polish and lipstick. Clothes on offer have been hand picked by women who are clearly attuned to the fashion trends of the day, and tables and racks are brimming with thrifty treasures. Priced competitively, and shrewdly aware of their competition, the vendors aren’t afraid of negotiation and can certainly hold their own.  

DEWC Fair Booth

The fair is an opportunity for people from different communities to come together in celebration, as exemplified by the artfully precise Tai Chi performance followed by traditional Indigenous dance. These beautiful performances drew pedestrians off the street, who gathered around to watch as the sun came out, eventually joining in for the final dance. The passionate MC is a member of the centre and mentioned the important role that DEWC has played in her life and the sense of community she feels here.

Tai Chi Demonstration

This fair is an accessible opportunity for women in the Downtown Eastside to participate and make themselves known in their community, as rent of a booth is free of charge to vendors. It is also an opportunity for women from the Downtown Eastside to make new connections with both people in their community and from outside, as Joan, a regular vendor said.

“The beauty and talent in the Downtown Eastside is overlooked far too often, but this is an opportunity for it to shine and be put on display.”

—Racquel Belmonte, Market Coordinator

DEWC Summer Fair Good Booth

In addition to the wares for sale, popcorn and candy floss are also on offer, as well as balloon animals and face paint. Families are encouraged to attend, and the kids’ table is fully equipped with puzzles, chalk and games. 

The Women’s Summer Fair runs every Saturday until September 30, 11 am – 4 pm, on the 200 Block of Columbia & Cordova Street. For all inquiries regarding the fair, please contact Racquel at marketcoordinator@dewc.ca or 604-681-8480 ext. 280.